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We connect top talent from developing countries with thriving companies and clients in the US for 70% less than domestic rates.

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What does your dream hire look like? In days, not weeks our team will introduce you to your dream candidates and the decision becomes yours.


Hire amazing talent for up to 70% less than domestic rates.


From small companies to billion dollar publicly traded companies, we do it for companies every day. We guarantee you’ll be happy with your Kajae team member.

Top talent

Our competitive screening process assures our talent represents the Top 3% of each country.

Cultural fit

In addition to solid skills and experience, we make sure team members are an excellent fit for your culture and ours.

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What our clients are saying about us

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Kajae. They were able to find very suitable candidates very quickly, and I am thrilled with my new VA! It was easy to onboard and get going quickly, which was awesome. Thanks Kajae!”

Shawn Richards

Owner at Blue Sky Biz Consulting

“Sara has been an incredibly valuable asset to our company and is truly part of our team. We have given her multiple assignments from market research, lead qualification, and many others. She has done a phenomenal job at every task and has been very flexible and willing to work during the hours we need her most. “

Steve Guymon

CEO of Next Step Warehouse

“Our accounting assistant Marlene has done an excellent job working with our internal team and stepping up with tasks as our company continues to scale globally.”

Grant Lippard

Senior Controller at Prospera & Cache Private Capital

“Kajae VA services have made a massive difference for my business. I have not only assistance but also a partner who anticipates my needs and adjusts to how I work. They work to find the right fit, and I feel like they are a part of my business.”

Susie Tomenchok

Executive Coach, Negotiation Expert, and Author

We are so happy to have Dan at our company. He has been an integral part of the team. The process at Kajae makes it so easy on the client. Whenever I had a question I was able to reach out to Brandi and the staff at Kajae. Such a great hiring concept.

Karen Spill

People Operations/Special Projects at MJW Investments

“I could not be happier or more pleased with Alberto. He tackles everything I send his way and he is doing a great job.”

Jeff Turner

Attorney and Owner at JDT Legal

“I originally thought I would use a VA for a year and it turned out to be three good years with JR. I’ve enjoyed working with him and I’m grateful for the work he did. He’s done a great job working on a broad range of projects from design, to research, to outreach. He’s a strong problem solver and has a great attitude. He helped me focus on the most important things to take my business to the next level.”

Jill Wesley

Founder, Science + Soul of Speaking

“My assistant Gwenne does so many things for me. I go to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning, all the things that I had tasked her with, or that she’d come up with on her own are all done and ready for me and I’m ready to hit the ground running for a new day.”

Sean Bair

CEO of Nouri

“Working with Kajae is like Christmas morning. I was able to interview three candidates and hire the one I felt would work best with me. She has turned out to be an absolute blessing. Having an extra set of hands has allowed me breathing room to complete tasks that I only dreamed of doing before. Our Kajae assistant helps me find calm in the neverending storm of running my own non-profit. She kindly offers to finish projects I started and works diligently to keep me organized. She is confident and capable of handling multiple tasks at once and has helped us create a great branding strategy and beautiful content. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with anyone at Kajae and happily tell other business owners about the great assistance they will get from them. Brandi and Garrett are phenomenal people and I’m grateful to know them.”

Tobie Spears

Founder & Director of Be Humanitarian

“Culture Crafters™ hired a virtual assistant through Kajae. We have had such a beautiful experience onboarding our new assistant Kristine and setting up systems. First it was part-time and very quickly we moved her to a full-time part of the team. Kristine has been instrumental to our business and continues to deliver extraordinary value. Her skills, expertise and knowledge has exceeded all of our expectations and she became a big part of our business. The team at Kajae has always been responsive to any of our requests or upskilling we needed for our assistant. I love knowing we can always reach out to Kajae for any help or support.”

Anya Soto

Co-Founder & Director of Training at Culture Crafters™

“My assistant, Maz, is much more than an assistant. She has been so dedicated to our company that she now thinks ahead of the curve to come up with ideas and direction that I would have never anticipated. She just directed the entire re-do of our webpage, has established a polished marketing campaign for a company project, and has completely increased the quality of our LinkedIn presence and penetration. She also just completed a sixteen minute video with voice-over, graphics, and music for our company. And last minute requests, of which there have been several, are returned overnight with flawless quality. I was recently in a meeting with a CEO of a hospital who was more than impressed with the materials that Maz developed. What Maz had to work with was a business article. From that article she pulled together a multi-paged, four-color, user-friendly book that was exactly what was needed. My only directions were “please make this look nice”. There is nothing I have asked her to do that has not been promptly and marvelously done. She has been the single most important variable of our business success this year.”

Karl Pister

President of The Coaching Group

“I was looking for someone who could work closely with me to help my company grow. I needed very specific skill sets for media production. I feel like I hit the jackpot with Kajae. Kajae was so helpful in sourcing quality candidates for my needs. I met with three individuals and honestly wanted to hire them all. But one stood out among them, and I pulled the trigger quickly. I haven’t looked back. I’m amazed at how good my new friend from the Phillippines is at his craft. I love working with him, and he has hit the ground running. His English is phenomenal and his work ethic is equally as impressive. In the past, I’ve worked with other companies that source VAs worldwide to augment staff. None of them have come close to what Kajae has brought to the table. I’m beyond thankful for Eden, my Phillipino brother, who is just as much a part of my company as any US-based employee. Thank you Kajae and Eden!”

Bobby Macey

CEO of Macey Media

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