We are a premium staff augmentation company connecting top global talent from developing countries to thriving clients in the US.

It all started with an idea…

In the year 2021, the founder, Garrett Blood, embarked on the establishment of Kajae as a result of profound life experiences. Having resided in Mexico for an extended period and having traversed various regions in Asia, he observed a multitude of exceptionally talented, educated, and highly-skilled individuals dwelling in conditions of severe impoverishment. Influenced by insights gained from reading two works authored by the late Clayton Christensen, namely “How Will You Measure Your Life” and the “Prosperity Paradox,” Garrett committed himself to a mission aimed at creating substantial opportunities for individuals worldwide. The overarching goal is to expedite the transition of these individuals from poverty to the middle class within a timeframe of less than 60 days.

Every name tells a story

Established in 2017, the name “Kajae” is a cool blend of the founder’s kids’ initials, pronounced like saying the letters K and J. Turns out, it’s not just a catchy moniker; it means “Gift from God” in Jamaican. So, our brand isn’t just a name game—it’s got a touch of divine awesomeness thrown in!

Our vision and mission


The Vision of Kajae is to provide professional level compensation and life changing opportunities to tens of thousands in developing nations so they can ‘lift where they stand’.


The Mission of Kajae is to Improve the life of each member of our team by paying them a wage that moves them into the middle class within 60 days and to provide expert-level talent to clients in the United States for a fraction of domestic rates. It is our belief that skills, experience, determination and talent are widely and fairly distributed around the world -but that opportunity is not. For this purpose, we seek to transform the lives of those living in developing nations by providing them an opportunity like no other.

Rooted in our values

Kajae has grown exponentially…

different countries


From Poverty To Middle Class


estimated labor cost savings by our clients

days or less is our target timeline in order to make a difference

And we won't stop here!