7 Challenges (and Solutions) for Your First Remote Hire

Jun 13, 2024 | Outsourcing Benefits

7 challenges and solutions for your first remote hire

Congratulations on your first remote hire!

This is a significant step that starts with one remote hire until it becomes a flexible, diverse workforce! When outsourcing and hiring your remote hire, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between staff augmentation and consulting, as this foundational knowledge will guide your strategic decisions. 

Where to source my first remote hire: Staff Augmentation vs. Consulting

Staff augmentation involves adding skilled personnel to your existing team to fulfill specific roles or complete projects. In contrast, consulting services provide expert advice and strategic guidance without becoming part of the internal team.

Staff Augmentation:

  • Focuses on filling specific skill gaps within your team.
  • Offers flexibility in scaling the workforce based on project needs.
  • Provides direct control over the augmented staff and their tasks.


  • Offers external expertise and strategic advice for business improvement.
  • Often involves short-term engagements focused on specific outcomes.
  • Consultants typically work independently from the internal team.

Recognizing these differences ensures you choose the appropriate approach to meet your business goals, whether you need to expand your team’s capacity or seek specialized guidance to drive strategic initiatives.

This guide will help you navigate the common challenges you’ll face and provide strategies to ensure your remote team thrives. As businesses increasingly turn to remote work, hiring offshore and understanding staff augmentation and offshore staffing best practices are crucial for success. 

Here are some common ones you’ll face and strategies to ensure your remote team thrives:

Challenge #1: Navigating Time Zones and Communication Delays

One of the first hurdles you’ll encounter is managing time zone differences with your remote hire as this can cause scheduling issues, and communication delays, and hinder real-time collaboration, impacting team dynamics and project timelines.


  • Leverage asynchronous communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, which allow team members to catch up on communications at their own pace, ensuring nothing gets missed. 
  • When recruiting from Kajae, we accommodate your business needs, whether you need someone to work according to your timezone, or establish overlapping work hours. 

Challenge #2: Building Trust and Team Cohesion Remotely

Building trust and team cohesion remotely is challenging for you and your remote hire due to minimal or absent face-to-face interactions hinder rapport and understanding. It can be difficult to establish personal connections and communicate nuances, leading to misunderstandings and a sense of isolation. 


  • Initiate regular video calls to facilitate a more personal connection; this includes virtual team-building activities that can strengthen relationships and help develop a strong team culture. 
  • Have constant and transparent communication as it nurtures relationships and ensures that the team members are consistently informed about company updates and project advancements.

Challenge #3: Maintaining Productivity and Accountability

Additionally, the lack of direct oversight and a structured office environment in remote work can challenge maintaining productivity, accountability, and effective time management. 


  • Utilize project management software like ClickUp, Asana, or Trello to track tasks and progress. 
  • When hiring from Kajae, we have an established system of daily reports, and time-tracking, especially during a team member’s probationary period as it helps build trust and confidence in your relationship with your remote hire and ensure accountability.
  • We also conduct regular check-ins for both clients and team members to ensure that everything is moving smoothly on both ends.

Challenge #4: Addressing Tech Setup and Support Challenges

With remote work relying heavily on technology, this can often lead to challenges such as technical difficulties and connectivity issues, which can hinder productivity and communication due to varying access and expertise among team members.


  • Train each remote hire for the specific project’s requirements, while providing them with upskilling initiatives where they can take courses and programs to learn
  • Conduct regular training sessions to keep the team updated on new tools and technologies that they can utilize to make their work more efficient.
  • When hiring from Kajae, we conduct a proper assessment of technological requirements during the hiring stage to ensure we find the perfect candidate and avoid technological issues.
  • Kajae team members also have access to a wide network of global connections within the company so that they can easily collaborate and connect with them if they need any support or training.

Challenge #5: Adapting Your Onboarding Process for Remote Workers

Effective onboarding of remote hires is crucial for their success and integration, yet it can be challenging to translate traditional in-person training into engaging virtual formats, risking feelings of disconnection and difficulty in understanding company culture.


  • When hiring from Kajae, we have a dedicated onboarding process and check-in system for newly hired team members to ensure that they feel welcomed and equipped to succeed in their roles.
  • Throughout our team members’ probationary period, we provide open lines of communication with internal team members and even the executive team in order to provide guidance, helping new hires feel supported and valued.

Challenge #6: Overcoming Language and Cultural Barriers

When your remote hires span different countries, language and cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications, complicating interactions, potentially slowing project progress, and ultimately, affecting team dynamics. 


  • Foster an inclusive work environment with a culture of openness and inclusivity that respects and celebrates cultural differences. 
  • Encourage clear, jargon-free communication to enhance mutual respect and understanding among team members; you can even provide language support if necessary.

Challenge #7: Ensuring Compliance and Security

Maintaining data protection and complying with regional regulations becomes more complex with a remote hire, requiring robust cybersecurity measures and an ongoing awareness of varying labor laws and data security standards across different locations.


  • Provide ongoing compliance training tailored to the specific needs of different jurisdictions to ensure that all employees are aware of and adhere to local laws and other policies, such as labor laws, data privacy, and industry-specific regulations.
  • Implement robust security protocols such as VPNs, encrypted communications, and secure file-sharing platforms to protect sensitive company data.

Recruiting your first remote team member brings challenges but also offers invaluable benefits like a broader talent pool and increased flexibility.

Here at Kajae, we understand the importance and power of remote teams in consistently achieving goals and scaling up businesses. Through our rigorous hiring process, we make sure to eliminate the challenges mentioned above by finding and matching your company with top-notch talent who can seamlessly integrate into your teams.

Why trust Kajae Premium Staff Augmentation for remote hiring?

  • Global Talent Pool: Find the best fit, regardless of location. Our team is currently made up of team members from 27+ different countries. 
  • Seamless Onboarding: We take care of onboarding, providing early support for team members
  • Regular training and upskilling initiatives
  • 2% acceptance rate: Everyone we present is the best at what they do and are also a great cultural fit.

Gather your remote team today and elevate your business with Kajae!

Whether you’re looking for a senior accountant, bookkeeper, graphic designer, video editor, engineer, e-commerce expert, customer service or virtual assistant, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and discover how you can build a resilient and productive remote team from around the world that stands the test of time, transforms your business, and unlocks its full potential.

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